Thursday, December 6, 2012

Peacefull Minds.

Love does not mean "have to own  or have to be with " .  that the secret of live....... full of sacrifice 
Our Life is indeed very beautiful to go thru sincere love.

Because of love , we are all happy, we are all in the state of peaceful mind and peaceful life.


Because of love, humankind may hate, hatred , animosity, hate to the one the we had ever love.

Then,  It's times when humankind sink into their animosity and stressful lifestyles that they were blinded and fail to see what really Love is


For me, I would not be that way, my dear… I will accept whatever Allah decide.

As you keep telling me” just have strong faith on ALLAH every thing will be alright”

The beauty of life, the beauty of love  varies according to the feeling, state of mind and eyes of the beholder.

What one may seem loving to one person may not be so to the other.

No one can be more love than someone else, because everyone has their own kind of love, love to God

In life, accept who you are, where you are, remember,…… where you've been and where to go………, but most importantly..... always with sincere love, then you will be happy.

Have a beautiful  and peaceful mind to start of the hope by reciting Quran

Syafuan Gani
December 2012
Doha, Qatar


  1. very nice essay about love and life

    who is she , hmmmm i wish i know you ... so you can put my pics too :-)

    can i know you better and closely

    i amm your loving blogger reader i read all your essay

    flower 530

  2. very good essay about your passions
    yes who is she ? is she real ? is she your lover ? or just your dream

    hopefully she is not reality... so i have a chance qiqiqiqiqiq to be your lover and i promise to inspire a lot to write about love.


  3. good one
    and good girl too she deserve to get the essay written for her

  4. yess agreed with other comment ... she deserve to be loved the way you love her
    lovely impression about her

    no wonder

  5. am not moslem but i respect your religion....
    i admire her when she wrote " just have strong faith on ALLAH every thing will be alright”

    lovely short essay a bouthfaith