Sunday, March 22, 2015

life to be

Grab your life to be meaning full,
Worthy and enjoyable.
Help others whatever
And whenever you could

Then you will be remembered
By others around you for your kindness, 
For your effort to make your life, 
Others life better and better.

Elephants are remembered
Because of the beautiful ivory,
Rhinos are remembered
Because of specific horns,
Roses are remembered
Because of its fragrance.

Few people were remembered
Because of their beauty,
Few people were remembered
Because of their wealthy,
Few people were remember
Because of their solitary life..... 

And sooner or later will be forgotten. .
And only the one would be remembered
Because of kindness,
Because of making others life 

Syafuan Gani
Luwuk 24 MArch 2015

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