Monday, April 18, 2016

Dreaming of my funeral day

When my time come and in a peaceful sleep
lovers were gone, somewhere
Little sadly, teardrops no more, quiet , silence
Murmur  in sorrow Slowly disappeared in dream of the recitation
Amid a crowd of wet eyes, full of prays

Walking thru the side hill , strolling to the green valley
Holding my body, bending down to the earth
Hiding whole body facing the holy Qa’bah

My soul trembled to the railing of lonely life
Here and there by day and night
Hiding myself and my grief to fantasy
Then, I woke up and sitting down the cold bed
Everything turns to the reality and i am lonely again.

Sour, sweet, sad to see the crowds around me
Dreaming of the day of my funeral

Syafuan Gani

Luwuk 19 April2016

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