Saturday, December 8, 2012


Think about death, most of humankind not ready to face it..... not ready to die because loving the live .

Deaths of someone we loves, to be remember forever with emotions, with

Mourn after mourn dispels the dark of sadness,
Bearing our lives away and brought to the grave, fail to mark it

Nobody knows how swift decay passing by
Only in love with lover's vital breath, softly and warm.

Grew up, 
Die.... the life cycle .
Full color of flower on the graves,
Red soil dried, flowers no more

Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through.

Then pour a torrent of light into our dark world as a dark shadow........

By a soft whisper in soul but life be death,
And death what we call life in the other life, long waiting time

Life, you've been so sweet to me and the more I get to know you.
Death, I just dream of the day we will meet.

I cannot sleep, you make my heart skip a beat, 
All I do is think of you….. death, make me even love you oh Allah

When I pray and recite your verse, I get chills from my head to my feet.

I Hope this feeling  last forever, as I standing here and trying to concentrate on my pray.

My thoughts drift, imagining how much you love me as I do love you oh Allah.,

I close my eyes tight and wish death come softly, lovingly ….. then I will go in peace and smile……InshaAllah.

I will be embraced by my lovely wife at the gate of heaven, welcoming me with smile and  sweet kiss.

Syafuan Gani
September 2012
Doha, Qatar


  1. think about death again
    why m
    please write abou love, live, natural things pleaseeeeee

    Grace smith

  2. wow your write about your self ? being lonely... and die ?
    no no no no dont do this
    pleaseeee, you are to good to die hmmmm


  3. actually i dont want to read essay about death coz i scares me
    but i love when you write "I close my eyes tight and wish death come softly, lovingly ….. then I will go in peace and smile"
    yesss indeed