Sunday, December 9, 2012


Reflection of dream........     Dreaming a beautiful life, I realized, was only confusing when I  was were awake. 
It was from the perspective of waking life that dream life seems pre-matured conclusion due to lacking of freedom of thinking,......... just day dreaming, a dreamer.

The consequence, lacking of  imagination any certainty that one thing led to another day dreaming....., passive.....simply laziness..... a dreamer.

Do not forget, if I wake up with fresh face   because i had have a nice dream, reflection of sunlight on the flowers

If i wake up crying   , It was only because in my dream of sadness
I had a dream of my sorrow through the fallend eaves of the night .
I had a dream of waking through was the most reliable part of a dream

Sleeping  is as death is to life  and as life to death.
I sleep,
I dream
I wake
I live 
then .....
I die.
Dreams are life,  life to reach the dream.
And when I die .... I will be embrace by my lovely lady in paradise..... she have been waiting for me for long time

Dreams are real life, real life to experience the dream.
Dreams are a reflection.
Reflection of reality which has not achieved.
Dreams are honest imagination.
And may not come true

In my dreams I found a little of the beauty, yet vainly sought in paradise life, and wandered through old gardens with everlasting fragrant  and meet my lovely wife there.., picking up some  wild orchids to be put on her hairs.

good night , sweet heart

Syafuan Gani
September 2012
Doha, Qatar


  1. nice n impressive
    very good tale
    have a good day

  2. just wonder how you select imaginative words to translate from your thought and write it into this essay
    i admire it