Friday, December 14, 2012


As a Muslim, though we know death is certain, we have not prepared ourselves for it.
As a Muslim, though we know paradise is definite, we have not worked for it.
As a Muslim, though we know the hell fire is certain, we have not feared it. 

We often see people pursuing the hereafter and finding it as well as the worldly wellbeing.
We know the life is very short but we unfortunately have not been using to love Allah, sincerely.
We know that death is certain, but most of our life, we always forget for it ….. shadowed by the light of illusion of life.
We know judgment day is definite but we always forget, ..... thinking only about current we will live forever.

But we have been seeing anyone pursue the worldly wellbeing and gain  the worldly wellbeing  but not the hereafter wellbeing.
WHy ? because we are heedless about ourselves and do not prepare, certainly no one else will prepare for us

So why are you delighted to pursue the worldly wellbeing and forgetting the hereafter wellbeing?
Do not forget Allah, Pray and pray…….for Allah does not forget you

What are you waiting for?  Be ready to meet Allah the Mighty and Majestic

Death is the first visitor from the Almighty bringing good or evil tidings… so get closer to your Lord.
Be ready to meet Allah the Mighty and Majestic, take for yourself and do not leave it to someone else to

The life of this world is made up of three days: yesterday was history and has gone with all that was done; tomorrow is mystery and may never reach; but today is reality so do what you should do today…. Never ever wait …. grab the opportunity for real life in Heaven or Paradise.

Such is the reality of death and what comes after it. Every one of us shall experience born, grew, adult, old and death whether poor or rich; healthy or sick, old or young; leader or led and none of us can escape it.
But why do we forget, why do we live and act like death is not near and will come soon .

Why do we try to ignore thinking of death when it can come to us at any second, in any occasion…. While sleeping, while laughing, while talking, while driving, while eating, while loving!
Just remember, we live, work as usual and maybe that we are alive now but that we will not be tomorrow. Be prepare now and let us not ignore the inevitable!

Allah says, “Everyone shall taste death. And only on the day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the fire and admitted to Paradise he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing).” (Al-‘Imraan 3: 175)

My dear friends, beware of distractions, when love of this world enters the heart, fear of the hereafter exits from it and no door of happiness in this world without several doors of sorrow.
Time to pray now.... 

Syafuan Gani
Juky 2012
Doha. Qatar

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  1. reminding us for being ready to the hereafter life

    indeed, you are sou religious .... do you ?