Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Barren without Lovers, here

Like a pigeon, It is a dream for Every man to love  partner . The fact is to have good real soulmate rather quite difficult . reason ? because so many consideration shall be considered

I love you  both, my late wife and my newly lover with all my heart! 
I will never ever forget the first day that i met my first love in the bus, in early morning when we went o work.

I also remember when i met my last lover , in the train station at Rabat Gare   and i saw you are so speechless with pale face . I remember each and every detail. 
Bring back all our memories, when we meet in next life, in hereafter life

Meeting you both, had been an answer to my prayers. 

And always love you and I never want you to forget that and we will all be three best lovers, ever

I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with someone so fast, after you 've gone ... but, this has totally proved me wrong. 

I am truly happy to be with you , living thirty two years with my first love till  we having four children 
And my remaining life will be happy to with my last lover as you said onetime, till we meet again, tree of lovers in hereafter life

In your heart and soul I will forever confide in our time together we could never divide.
Bring back all our memories, when  three of us meet in next life, in hereafter life

Its your everything that makes my life complete, giving me a wish to find someone else  to love me as you love me.
Its everything we shared that makes me heart beat
Bring back all our memories, when  three of us meet i next life, in hereafter life

I did remember when my last lover tell me;
You are my first and last love, I will give my whole love and life  to you, ooh my dear first  lover
Bring back all our memories, when  three of us meet i next life, in hereafter life

Now I met my last lover as you told me in the dream, you chose the right one as my last lover  to care me , my dear
My last lover, Last night i waited for my last lover online till late night but u did not come online why? 
Realizing that network in Rommani sometimes very weak., it a barren life  

Im sure, you.... my last lover will never forget me while you enjoy gathering with family there, I have very great faith after Allah on you

Like a pair of heavenly lover, we both honest to the earth and i hope, we will bring back all our memories, when  three of us meet in next life, in hereafter life 

Our loves like a wild flowers in forest, always blossom, never ended.
Bring back all our memories, when  three of us meet i next life, in hereafter life

My last lover,  I m in love with you and i know there will be a happiness ready to face when you come back from your family visit,  cause we now we are in love 

On phone some time voice broken and some time i don’t understand ur accent, but i think with the time passage every thing wil b alright

You keep saying about angel from Allah giving our loves to our simple marriage.
Bring back all our memories, when  three of us meet in next life, in hereafter life

My last lover, So u remember every moment, I was smile when you said that “I remember the most.... even i still remember the aroma of your body fragrant ”
we always be  forever, always

Remember, for having me a morrocan shower to release me from my "barren" when you go home, my dear

Syafuan Gani
January 2013
Doha, Qatar


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  2. woo i am interested and curious to read more
    btw what is the out come of the love story .....?

  3. hello dear Syafuan
    may i ask a question in regards to this essay
    the essay seems "was" related to someone closed to you right ?
    I say "WAS" because seem this is a flashback of relationship that was happened sometimes ago .

    Sorry , I mean the relationship "was"" over ....... ended right ?
    appreciate for your reply

  4. i think the story was ended already
    this related to your previous essay Flashback
    it was over
    no more relationship right ?
    i read it several times and this is my conclusion
    sorry if this is not happy ending but frankly i should say the serial is nice read... make some reader jealous too including my self .... hmmmm

  5. thisis my opinion because you keep writhng "WERE" and "WAS" and "just want Allah always bless on u and whole family forever and ever but its only a wish, and I hope"

    may be i am wrong
    lest see the final ending of your next essay

    btw, i am still waiting for your reply in my mail box.... keep waiting

  6. I dare you to bet, ths is not "OVER" yet
    I knew so many good lover write their story with lot of burden.... but the end will be happy ending
    so many example on this typical love relationship...
    i dare you
    he will prove it in next essay or may be next several essay
    i love it

  7. pretty innocent noreen .... is noreen a real name ?
    she is pretty.... no wonder you fall in love and write lot of essay about your skype dialog
    i knew you use skype because some of skype snapshot were on some essay
    hope happy ending so somebody will be sad and jealousssssssss to you both

    i admire you both

  8. I love reading her expression to her lover
    lovely expression , longing for his love

    wanna to know what will be the ending ?