Saturday, January 26, 2013

Honey bees

Honey bee

Where ever a beautiful flower blossoms, then a lot of bees coming for the honey

Bees don't finally meet flowers somewhere by coincident, they have to find them

They search each flower all along day and share the honey together

Bees were born with wings, but they prefer to crawl through flowers for honey

They dance, on the open petals and flower’s pistils, mixing honey and pistils

Dance while taking honeys, torn the flower pistils  off.
Dance in the middle of the honeys.
Dance in harmony  where life is  perfectly free

Likewise,  the way of bees life is the same for me
Whenever  I am with you, I promise to stay up all night.
Whenever  you were not with me here, I couldn't go to sleep.

When you do things following your soul, feel a river moving in a silence, I feel lonely
I will see reflection of water shine like the broken mirror, feel my loneliness

It is nothing turn us into everything from elsewhere, just emptiness
I learn how to love your beauty, your honesty and your sincerely

It inspire me  to make my essays where no-one write the same, but I do
Your promise when saying that after marry me,  will be only mine  forever till your death

To make it happen, we should always shalat together, reciting quran together
You told me to start your day with the reciting of holly quran after prayer

I want to see you every second, to hear your voice, to recognize you when coming around
I like to sense your natural scent when close to you or when you've just left then room.

I like to hold your shoulder when crossing the road, to hold your hand when roaming the mall
I like to see the way you purse your lips then let them part,  just the slightest bit.

Lovers  meet somewhere  and  hold in each other all along the flower’s garden
The beauty of love will be ended to marriage and we will do hundreds of kneeling and kissing  the earth to thank God Almighty

Midnight pray in silence is the language to adore God and  a candle in heart ready to be filled.
I wish to sing like the little birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think

I wish to let myself be drawn by your truly love
Love must not be forsaken to take the whole heart alike a spinning bee of nothingness, scattering flowers pistils like dust

Love is within us, sense of love create us to be happy or sometime weeping and could untie loneliness  and free from prison of emptiness at the edge of the mind’s roof. 

Be like the Stars to enlighten the life in darkness.
Be like Water from mountain, with its purity and clean from contamination.

Be like the Sun for giving a life without hidden agendas
Be like the Earth for giving us a nice place to roam
Be like Flowers in full-blown beauty, giving honeys for life

Be like the Bee, searching honey for other companion because each bee has been set a task as a blessings
Be like dark clouds, dropping the rains around you  in the expression of God’s Love

I wish my cheerful life back again, its been log time my life empty, no one to to talk to, no one to share to and no one to kiss to, every morning 

I loved when you wrote me “you know, i love you, love you like crazy. Some time I think how I fall in love with you,  even I don't know much your culture,  even you‘r already married before,  but then I think its all come from Allah"

You are mine and never leave as without you life is not easy.
When love faded away, it disturbed my sleep and set my mind apart.

It’s lovely when you wrote me “my love i don't need put my number or pic there as you are only one for me forever and ever”

Syafuan Gani
End of January 2013
Doha  Qatar


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