Thursday, January 31, 2013

Zeit, Momento of lover


All my life, I have been loving her, a beautiful wife giving me four kids , riches and honors, the days flow, the weeks flow, the years flow on, thirty two rainy season have passed.

Now no more togetherness, I am lonely around the crowded planet that meet the eye and wonder who remember our old days.

Listen to the sound of endlessly of falling  leaves, rustling, rustling down, without cease, and the sound of water flowing thru small ditch in front of our house.

My grey hairs is within the brightness of the moonlight, the moon's reflected on the water a few feet away, on the soft grasses, i fall asleep peacefully curled together  in the night .

The moonlight  is moving slowly down while the cold  wind and moon disturb the clear night on the landscape of valleys  and hills.

Waking up by the fragrance of  wild flowers in mountain forest which has just begun to bloom without a trace, blown by morning's winds to cherish me.

The sky's water has fallen, rain drop has not harmed the row of wild flowers which begins to green again,  high to mountain top.

Every day I return home as lonely as I always be, routine likes honey bees  go deeper and deeper between the flowers looking for honey as i wish we should not be apart.

I do not dare to weep or to shout , fearing to disturb the lover in heaven where the beautiful paradise's  flower are redder than the red rose flowers,  vie in beauty.

I thought I see a band of lights reflected in the ripples over the broad water by the railing of the wind and sun thru my bedroom window.

And…….I started to feel my days are empty through the drizzly rain with wet soil's fragrance floats around mist and rain, so fine.

Syafuan Gani
End January 2013
Doha, Qatar

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