Friday, January 18, 2013

Mystical Virgin of Slave

Rabiah al-Adawiyah

She was born between 95 and 99 Hijri in BasraIraq
Female mystic of slave origin from Basra, introduced the doctrine of selfless love. 
Demonstrated the importance of attitude and spiritual motivation for actions, rather than mere ritual correctness. 

Emphasized ascetic detachment, renunciation of the world, meditation, and love of God as she said :
I have made You the Companion of my heart.
But my body is available to those who desire its company,
And my body is friendly toward its guest,
But the Beloved of my heart is the guest of my soul."

She never married nor did she have any children, as she said : My peace is in solitude but my Beloved is always with me. 

Whenever I witness His Beauty He is my prayer niche
toward Him is my qibla.

Oh Healer of souls, the heart feeds upon its desire and its striving towards Union with You has healed my soul.

You are my Joy and my Life to Eternity. You were the Source of my life

You came my ecstasy. I have separated myself from all created beings, for my hope is for Union with You
For that is the Goal of my searching."

The groaning and yearning of the lover of Allah will not be satisfied until it is satisfied in the Beloved.

She said then, "When I heard this admonition I so cut off my heart from the world and curtailed my desires that whenever I have prayed during the last thirty years I have thought it to be my last prayer."

If You had not set me apart by affliction, I would not have increased Your lovers.

You have given me life and have provided for me, and Yours is the Glory.

You have bestowed upon me many favors, and gifts, graces and help.

O Lord of Glory,
I have committed many sins, if I turn in repentance toward Allah, will He turn in His Mercy toward me?

Our asking for forgiveness of Allah itself needs forgiveness.

One day Rabia was seen running with fire in one hand and water in the other.  

They asked her why she was doing this and where she was going.  
She replied, "I am running to light a fire in Heaven and to pour water on the flames of Hell, so that both veils to the Face disappear forever."

O my Lord,
Whatever you have apportioned to me of worldly things
Give it all to my enemies.

And whatever you have apportioned to me in the world to come, Give that to my friends.

For you are sufficient for me

Rabi`a's reaching and living in the loving Presence of her Lord was her constant praying, remembrance and asking for forgiveness for all her shortcomings

The source of my suffering and loneliness is deep in my heart.
This is a disease no doctor can cure.
Only Union with the Friend can cure it

Rabia chose a solitary life of prayer, living much of her life in desert seclusion.

She died in the year 185 A.H. / 801 C.E her tomb for her which still exists near 
the Christian Church of the Ascension on top of the Mountain of Olives. 

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