Thursday, January 24, 2013


I fell asleep lulled last night by the gentle breeze wind and drizzle rain  last night, missing  the dawn to pray and  listening the birds singing everywhere.

I dream that night, listening  the sound of wind and rain with shadow of flower’s petals had fallen down and every where birds singing

I dream that night, walking in the rain blew by the wind to my face, whispering  sound of loneliness, even neglecting the sound of the flower’s petals falling down.

Our path is long to the east or west, to the north or south, no one to ask in this cold weather and I've no time to buy you a cold pink leather jackets.

This morning, I slumbered and missed the dawn coming, even  I heard the cry of birds.

I woke up suddenly, caused by the sunlight thru my windows glistens on my face, lifting my gaze to view the shimmering reddish sun reflecting by the frost on the ground.

I woke up, listening  the voices of birds singing every where, substituting  the sound of gentle breeze wind and drizzle fog last night, I wonder why this solitude is sorrowfully

I look towards the setting sun, marking the edge of the sky, where the red dessert is covered still by evening cloud, and Date's leaves fall on the grass which parts us from each other

I saw the round soul's climbing into the cold void, separating us millions  miles away, within  the sound of gentle breeze wind and drizzle morning fog

The desert wind blows the morning fog so gently, desert dust rise up, blown by west wind covering  the path of the sun and moon within the wild desert flower’s fragrance.

Remember. when I left, we just stared each other, no handshake before, just stared each other, waving  and I never looking back

Remember that last day before i left, we embraced but you could not speak and just whispered when i come home again.

God already taken my lover for heaven and my two eyes are still not dry likes rain falls and soaks into the soil, i desire to die and be dust together.

My life is scene without time, I'm lonely here, leaning on the date's tree looking at desert fog on distant sanddunes, waiting for my time come to meet  my lover.

Syafuan Gani
January 2013
Doha, Qatar

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