Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Forlorn, longing for my late Lover

Look at the white cloud dancing on the blue sky, fading away in second, changing to the black cloud , shaping to hurricane in my mournful life.

Look at heavy rains, pouring the water, shedding our lovely dry soil, biasing the sun light thru particles, create a lovely rainbows……awakening the grains germinate to be thousands of sprouts in my sorrow.

Look at the sunset, slowly fading away and I will comes at a time when the night moon in my forlorn  love.

The wind blows touching the leaves touch, dancing merrily accompanied moon ...

May God love you, God commanded the entire life to love you more and treat you with more gentle, spoiled with good fortune, and you will be happy with the love of a beautiful and faithful.

Two beautiful ladies
Concentrated in the foundations of love and power of mind, while there is patience and sincerity for my soul mate who keep telling me to lesson learn from life and my little girl who always give me a kiss before leaving home.

Learning to obey still feels hard, understanding to learn the burden and Learning to be Patience

Learning to always faithful even sometimes seduced by worldly, learning to be patience.

Learning to relax although often restless and learning to Believe Even though it's hard to.

Learning to accept what we have, learning to appreciate what we had.. with faith to God almighty

I realized now, thing called love in this time and age even if based on personality and cannot differentiate between love and lust.

Love and lust have existed since mankind existed and finding true love is a complicated task, stick with lust and let love take it's time.

I proved that the true love  have been growing between us after married when the tree of love is well watered with seeds

I see a bright moon rose west, breaking through my bedroom to shine, appeared on curtain, sighed unceasingly for my lonely marooned.

I see the green mountains and clear rivers in  the evening moonlight setting in.

I see  grass and bushes wildly within wild  flowers showing the rainy  season come

I feel tear drops reminding me of my parted lover’s plight and change my hair to grey  
The immortal lover had flown away, leaving the lover oblivion,  which remains alone  from thousands of miles away,

I see white clouds move sluggishly  in the sky across the expanse of the sky, no tear drops can be seen except bunches of wild flowers with everlasting fragrant blossom

I see the haze over the waters ditch in front of our house, render a yearning heart consoled when we sit in veranda

But last year and this year, since my loves were gone, with tears soaking my cheek, I’m forlorn.... i were not there at that time.

I know you have agreed to my decision for continuing the rest of my life, till my time comes......  i know it, my love.

Time for praying my dear.

Syafuan Gani
Mid January 2013
Doha, Qatar

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