Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Remnant of my late Lover

I stand  alone on the beach of sand island, listen to the sound of sea water wave and wind blows on palm leaves.

Bringing  my mind fresh as far as i can get thousands fold, still it makes me so lonely.

The sky was dark and windy in the night a moon under candlelight on a mosaic illusion ,there is nothing for me than gazing at the dark sky without stars and listen to wild sea wave.

The soft sand's  beach on my feet was shaken by bubble sea water with might and embedded into a black rock, where i sit.

There was no moon and stars in the dark sky, only  lighthouse attempts to break away in the night, make my shadows could be seen under the light of water.

My dream in vain is too much to bear to make it real and each night my heart getting more lonely and finally i fall asleep.

From happiness to emptiness, the dream came and soon  vanished again into dark night sky along with my beloved in a distant land marooned.

The morning dawn subside the dark night, the light of sunrise decorating my tent thru a tiny window, partly dim and partly bright within my eyes, and i was waken to the reality.

I was sleep in small tent at the beach..... and fresh again

Syafuan Gani
January 2013
Doha, Qatar

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