Friday, February 22, 2013



Innocence is not an absence of legal guilt, stolen without permission, by traditional decision

Innocence is not freedom from specific wrongs, gone without submission

Innocence has belief to calm brutal beasts  and there’s one more wish taken by decision

Innocence sees beauty even in dark souls for the innocence girl to remain, the whole future life

Innocence has vision to invoke creative remedies, untouched by the surrounding odd world.

Innocence is a quality state of freedom from sins guilt ,lost through another's choice, due to culture

Innocence has no integral part, no longer for another love

Innocence turned to hatred and fear of maturity necessary coming of future life

Innocence is not absence of normative experience, gone, no other can replace

The innocence in a secret shared, faded before it's begun

Innocence obscured like a cloud over the moon, reflected  to the darkness of silence night

Innocence ripped away too soon, in a young girls first love, pain suffering of culture decision

Innocence is a blessing easily tarnished for every shooting star, but defeated  by strange traditional culture

Innocence is not ignorance not knowing evil, taken from a little girls heart who had first and last love to someone she loves

Innocence is affirmation a naked sinless nature replaced by traditional mistrust, thought of odd culture

Innocence is choice of brilliant divinity light, but disapears like dew in the sun, fate of the innocent girl

Innocence has faith to restore hardened hearts, the pure beauty 0f such innocence, but no dare to against the choice

Innocence has truth to see path to future life decided by elder, until the sands of time, till the time come

Innocence has patience to work new miracles, but wash all traces away, before it comes true

Innocence is a unique seed of passion harmonies, leaving behind a broken heart lover, faraway.... fading away

Innocence is a sacred gift easily forfeit lost, sacrifice due to cultures, for her first and last love.... being together with someone she doesnt love

Syafuan Gani
22  February 2013
Doha, Qatar

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