Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Living, memory of my first lover,

One Day

Like our inconvenient truth, soon fade away along with the sun shines so bright, when you told me this was right choice.

Like living  everlasting moments  when taking pictures of the garden with you in my arms.

When we picked out our loves, truths somehow are inconvenient, lost everything, lost our dream forever.

Like living on walls so tight, in the wind and the waves that we cannot breathe anymore,

Sweet and small wild flower release their fragrant to air, in a flower we saw a bee,  I found always love you  but lost in loneliness, lost being mild,

One day everything will be delightful thought, glistening glowing light, every colors bright.

One day everything will be our happiness in peaceful thoughts that now abide.

Tomorrow or other days after tomorrow will be a bright day, truths make us smile, not to fear somehow the truth of innocence are uncovered, a cold beauty

But one day, we will lose our future, carrying its quietness, lose everything, like a beautiful flower without fragrance. 

But one day, we will  meet again and tell the tales of our past  in this bright ride, like  the crystal streets.

But one day, we will  meet our love again and under its pearly glow , enjoy for it strange beauty within. 

But one day, we will reach our hope and no fear, just alike grey clouds and bleak white sky,
and i will find you,  gather everything.

One day there will be in happiness and no sadness anymore,  behind through paths of joyful strife, full of happiness or laughing, and going to come , soon.

And it is happening now, we never separate out our love, our patience and hatred of its pearly glow, left for it strange beauty within God will, within devine of life.

This is the time to always remember, and will meet again, ever ...... due to our destiny.
You have gone while I was away, faraway, thousand miles to say I love you
And I will say again when we meet in here after life, I promise

Syafuan Gani
in memoriam of my late wife
End of February 2013
Doha, Qatar

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