Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love, Nothing more

Nothing More

Heart is a shroud in an exile, like a crystal, feeling your heart as in  a homeland, then bring our heart back.

For there will be no more no heart, never touch the lover once again, no more heart, no more dreams and hopes  in me
, then bring your heart back to me

This heart that leaped this heart that burned, no more keys of happiness
, then bring your heart back to me

Forever and ever  in ashes smashed and crushed and  fade away  along with wild the play of eyes
, then bring our heart back to me

Share our heart beat, your heart,  my heart, our hearts and kiss upon perfection
, then bring your heart back to me

Share our heart that dared,  true love,  not this heart, no more heart, not wild heart sign of your relenting, intention in the sigh
, then bring your heart back to me

Sing our heart beat and blessed hand, caressed, like nothing's there but bring this heart back to me, the lover heart belongs just to me, proving we were in love one time,  just once

Sing this heart, breast alive, sense this heart, with the sun shining down on us,  with blushing rose on our face and give back your heart to me

This is a time to declare we will be keeping as lover, nothing more than the best lover without any obligation with obligation to cheers, obligation to congratulate happiness

Time to get away of hope, time to see the fact that no miracle within except let's keep remembering our loves

Syafuan Gani
in memoriam of my late wife
End of February 2013
Doha, Qatar

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