Monday, February 4, 2013

Ombre, in memoriam of my first lover


Never ever follow the shadow of life, because it’s heartless, it’s mindless and it’s senseless but the black color

Listen to this music and the warmth of your heart with silence thru the darkness of ignorance of love that ruins of my heart

Love endures almost anything for a moment and hurting  when we wake up in empty mind from sky to endless horizon

The feeling of lovers with everlasting mind never to be  remembered as only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart

Love is about the rightness or wrongness of things, I’s about patience and tolerance, it’s about how long you can wait for.

Life without love is a living death, a night without moonlight is dull but a day without sunlight is the end of life

Empty heart like a bird searching  in endless sky, countless directions and die then

Life without love likes an empty dried lake, disappears into desert, emptiness with a millions of desert dust

Be likes a squib, they sacrifice their life after making love, fertilize the sea for their future generation

Be like a black spider, giving his body and soul after making love to the black widows , his partner,  for their future generation

But even better be like salmons, both lovers die after making love, giving whole bodies for their generation future life

The feeling of love come into me, beautiful like a flower,
tender like white snow in this winter but bitter like poison

Wind blows against my grey hairs, bringing the dust in its content with longing of my life

Sleeping beauty does not let a shadow over the moon of happiness,  sweeping everything out of my sorrow, my loneliness

The flower pistils have been blown,  leaving the petal, with your heart, and  grow somewhere, sometime to someone

Sweep away  beneath the  sorrow of my heart, blessing me out of darkness to the sky,  giving birth to new love, giving my life back home

Love in innocence as effortlessly as its scent and let the beauty of love not to be a prison to me.

Be a Moon with soft light to shine wild  flowers , making me to laugh, forgetting my worries in loneliness

Never ever be a darkness just to decide your future blindly, emotionally out of the mind as it will destroy your dream, our dream

Never leave me, stay in my heart, teasing me as much as you have been doing recently, my love

Like wild flowers spreads its fresh fragrant in the morning, smell the scent and judge the truth of life

Syafuan  Gani
in memoriam of my late wife
February 2013
Doha, Qatar

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