Monday, February 4, 2013

Sogno, Dreaming of Lover


I remembered when we walked under the bright moon of the old village in ciater’s resort to see a small river of spring water,  flowing continuously and the wind blows your hairs over the tea's leaves.

I cannot bear to remember when we strolled the cornieche, when wander the tea plantation during gathering with our friends years ago.

I could not bear to live when my dreams roam far to my lover who were waiting for me there while admiring the paradise flowers.

I don’t know  how many more events  I should see, How many season I should pass thru, how many times i should come in to my bed room before my time come.

I know this long night, when the wind and rain together blew, even the clouds is weeping under the babble of water in misty valley, telling me that a life is just like floating in a dream and a life of game.

The moon seems close to us on that clear night, the heaven now separate the living and the dead and I will never forget my lover.

Remembering when dusk as the sun goes down, you lean upon the tea plantation's railing with our little daughter, my sorrow starts a new.

Your  lonely grave is near and  a space for me is there too to make we would not lie cold when my time come.

When we met again, don't say that you could not recognize each other , because my grey hair,  wrinkled skin on my face covered with dust.

Just wait in paradise garden, wear your black dress, smile and welcome me with embrace and kiss, not with a word or thousand tears.

At last, I will be brought to the hidden valley where old leaves of ancient trees cover the stream and wild flowers are scattered and in the end, we'll share a grave, together again

Syafuan Gani
February 2013
Doha, Qatar

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