Monday, February 4, 2013

cogitazione of my first lover


Last night, I looked at the bright moon, sending my feelings a thousand miles in its light to my beloved lover amid the cold wind.

I looked at the moonlight sows after rain,  passing thru the forest's of the pines, where my home's beyond the edge of the sight.

This morning, I touch the morning dew,  waiting for the sun to dry  from my hands while the fragrance of sunflowers in the green field .

Sunflowers are spreading around its favors in the radiance,  substituting  the season of  flowers and leaves which were yellow and wither.

My eye gaze to the  extraordinarily beautiful mountain forest's  with  birds are flying over rainy wind and gentle breeze wind enters through my window, fluttering gauze curtain.

Standing on smooth grasses which are lush seems from inside, I gaze at the blue sky, watching a dancing clouds so gently.

My heart is fading in darkness, falls beside the creeping of my sorrow and my desires

My home is at the slanting hill, far beyond the edge of the white clouds of northern mountain at the heaven's end.

Within the gentle breeze mountain wind, pine tree shed leaves, and small birs are flying around under cold wind, here on the mountain high

I leave my home before night falls thru the mountain path which is hard to travel, the sun slowly slanting down in my misty village with thousand hills full of tea plantation  but without person's tracks.

I walk on the wet grasses between palm trees, under the shadow of  the fading sky  just like the moonlight.

I come home early morning, every day,  for thirty two years together, sharing both bitter and sweet, laugh and cry, hate and love, ending to hundred months, thousands of days of love each other.

My life is scene without time, I'm lonely waiting for my time come to be together again with meet my lover in front of the garden’s gate of paradise.

Syafuan Gani
in memoriam of my late wife
February 2013
Doha, Qatar

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