Sunday, February 24, 2013

Never Forget, My love

All of these days

These lonely nights, remembering your face, your taste, your voice, your touch, your love.

These lonely nights, remembering your heart beats, your words, your cries, your whispers.

These lonely nights, remembering when wandering places to remember, sensations to ponder.

These lonely nights, feeling of your touch, your eyes, your fear, your tears, lustful not trust in the dark night.

To night a lonely night, looking at you broken, begged me not to leave that night, your eyes dark and full of lies.

To night a lonely night, remembering your voice of worries, of the dark, of  the good, in light  full moon set in the sky, when you told me good-night

These lonely days, remembering the mistakes, making a difference, making life worthwhile.

These lonely days, making every moment count, making some cry, making and leaving the mark eternally.

To day a lonely day, with every sunrise, not everlasting sun when i left and never came back, pathway to melodies of cheerful moments, smile to smile, heart-heart.

These lonely days, remembering every touch, not the lasting taste never to come around again, things incredible, things naïve.

To day a lonely day, remembering your smile with love,  walking by your side, with every joy and pain.

These lonely days, remembering how you declined any touch but never let me go with every love word

All of these days, nobody see my heart wound, real painful, lost from my mind, hearing your voice, shadow in my dreams

Syafuan Gani
in memoriam of my late wife

End of February 2013

Doha, Qatar

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