Thursday, June 13, 2013

Embrace a new life, new perspective

Water, always flow from higher level downward ........ That,s the fact
Droplet of misty, gather forming a droplet of water, cached by tree's leaf on high mountain
They gathers from misty vapour, on the leaves , falling down to the soil
Then, millions of water droplets forms a small amount of water,....... Flowing downward of mountain hill
They gathers, flowing on the ground, under the ground.... Finally forming a river in valleys

Flowing along, either pass thru  barriers or deviate their flow , finally o the sea

After being live lonely, for so long since the depart of my beautiful late lover....
Keep loving her in the memories of togetherness or 32 years,......
One time i decided to live my loneliness till my time come
And she wait for me at the gate of heaven.....
Life was empty, lonely..... In empty bed room

No one to talk to, no one to share to
Like a water flows, it will pass thru any obstacles

I will not wait for more time for uncertainty, i will not wait for compromise

Finally, i decided to continue my life, to the rest of the life

I keep loving her, my beautiful late wife, my first ever lover ansd my new lover understood too
I keep promising not to search for her replacement

What i have done is just to have companion for the remaining of my life, together with my new lover
To make the rest of my life, meaningful... and life to the last
And we will be together..... three of us .... later in hereafter life too, coz our love is true love

The new life is begins, with Moroccan girl who loves my kids as a friend ...... not as step mother vs step kids
The most I love about....... we share loves as a pure love , not based on materialistic, not based on any condition
How strange if love is based on those conditions, those odd cultures and those  odd request

We came to the traditional Indonesian marriage cultures
Last but not least, we visit the cemetery where my beautiful late lover sleeping, a beauty sleep

thru love of new love who loves her husband, his family and his late lover by giving a pray  too

Thanks God,  Finally i have a companion, humble, loving care ,
A Moroccan girl from village, pure girl,,,,,, non contaminated by materialistic things
We have traveled along Morroco......Mekness, Rabat, by trains, by taxi, and walking along
We have traveled along some part of Indonesia

Jakarta, Bandung, Palembang...... Enjoying different cultures

Alhamdulillah, thanks God Almighty for your blessing
giving her loves my family and will spend the rest of life in Indonesia

Now i love two lovers, ..... One waiting me at the gate of heaven
And the other one accompany me while waiting for my time comes

Three of us..... InshaAllah will be always together as lovers


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