Friday, November 15, 2013

Heavenly lover, my first lover

We wander in thick forest, under array of sun light  
Of cloudless climes and clear blue skies
Within the best of shadow and little bright
Surrounded by wild orchid flowers of green valley
Mellowed to that tender light of heavenly lovers.

Laying in shade the more or one ray the less
No impaired to the given grace of nature
Along with soft blowing waves in every pine trees,
Softly lightens our thoughts of loves 
Express how pure, how dear our loves

The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
In our mind at peace with all valley 
Of  heart ,of our  love , of our those days
Strolling, hands on hands breathing the fresh air
Given by pine trees and wild flowers fragrance

Tears, shadowing my sight to green valley
Unable to see the depth of my loneliness
Remembering our days, strolling the fields,
Fly with all we love blown by the wind
Knowing of the days will never come again
But we’ll meet again in hereafter life

Syafuan Gani

Nov 2013

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