Friday, November 15, 2013

Last kisses to my first lover

Breathing the fresh fragrance of pine leaves,
Solute in glittering of sun light passing thru
Ended in reddens wild orchid flowers
Sinks with all we love below the verge
Knowing of the days will never come again

Sad and strange as in shadow dawns

The earliest half-awakened minds
Whispering to me,  when my drying eyes
In slowly grows a glimmering moonlight
Wait for me, when my time come

Remember for our  last kisses, leave for a while
On lips that only blessed to us,  deep as love,
Deep as first love that never be regretted
Your eyes had once, in our love's  shadows deep
Gives the our love weight and never ended in our next life

Let it not our heavenly love gone
With the ardor and the passion
No one never knew but our lovely children
Knowing whom to love or how in the middle happiness
And never let it to go from us, never
Though the world for love may die

Syafuan Gani
in memoriam of my late wife
Nov 2013

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