Friday, November 15, 2013

Message to my love, My first lover

Let our love down to the earth, follow our heart beat
Let's have our journey beyond our destiny
Fly high and high into the blue sky, freely
Let our love goes own path to the sky of happiness
Leave all for our love today, tomorrow and forever

Let it be a surprise across our immortal loves

Full a joy of grace from all alive given by Heaven

Faraway from all the sky, higher than the sky

Give our dream of joys and hope again from heaven

Where the melodious winds have love memories;
Beneath the bosom of the our minds
Wandering in many  love stories for sake of Poetry
Tale the our love, mourning for our love
Freezing  in motion thru the air of this mountain

Down there, a small river flows to the small waterfall
Blowing winds of heaven  kiss our faces 
Under long light shakes across the forest trees
Morning wild birds echoes their flap of wings
Flying on hill or field or river, around us
Our wild flowers start blossoms 
When will it come again to us?
Our lips closed, have not spoken 
because we are both lonely now

Syafuan Gani
in memoriam of my late wife
Nov 2013

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