Thursday, November 14, 2013

When my time come, my first lover

The whole wild flower shivered  in the wind
Trembling within  the thousands of colors
And the fragrance of wild  roses tender our heart

Waiting on a colorful light of the Sun thru the pine three leaves
We shared the happiness   with the meaning of love

Our Love caught so deceitful
In an ocean where no lovers can swim, except us
A true faithful love  till the end

With taste of honey, taken from wild roses

Farthest Mountain, reaching far into the sky

A lonely honey bee, flying next to my eyes

To dance on a flower head while our love remain cherries.

Separating our love, our destiny , for a while
Resting deep in the heart of the loneliness
In a pain and sorrow,  destiny of loneliness
For a while my dear

Our song of love goes in the blowing wind,
Wandered round our tiny House
Having reached beyond horizon
I tremble, my time will come soon, ... I die.
And we will be together again
Our children will lay me sleeping next to you in our grave
And meet me in front of the gate of heaven

Syafuan Gani
in memoriam of my late wife
Nov 2013

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