Sunday, December 23, 2012

She, Fragile like a crystal

She is an ordinary girl, a natural girl… not fashionable girl as commonly roam the  mall in big city. 
like a glass, easy to break 

She is a Girl holding and caring an Islamic value in her whole life  is more Beautiful , even Gorgeous beautiful, no matter how bad her physical appearance ..... but she is beautiful … both inner beauty and physical beauty…. Thanks God Almighty gave her these beauties.

Her heart emanated from the Nur All shalehah's  and All-Taqwa's To Allaah Subhannahu Wa Ta'ala

That is the essence of Inner Beauty of actual muslimah, indeed….. and she  is.
That is the essence  of her impressive  natural character, with  diversity of smile and physical beauty…. And she  is…

Beloved, thank God Almighty who has given extraordinary gifts to you, natural beauty and glorious nature, maintaining the sanctity of the body and mind with Islamic values.

Never been touched by a man, not even feel how much passion a kiss .... or warms of being embraced………as she told me……never .. ever, except for future soul-mate to come .... She has been keeping the value of Islam  indeed.

Beloved, Do not reject and deny the Truth, the real truth of love and  my true wish............ but you shall deny the offer of others who just love lust justification,………… instead of the true love I  have been offering to you since the beginning.

We have seen each other in virtual, chatting using text, microphone and camera so far..... but soon,  very soon we will meet in real... chatting in real, stare at your eyes, see our body language, even feeling the rhythm of your breath.... my breath, intonation of your voice when talk...., reality..... the moment of the truth..

Do not be shy ... look at my eyes as i look at your eyes.....we'll see the honesty, the sincerity of loves
Do not be shy....listen to the beat of your heart, feel to the beat of my heart.... we'll know how we'll go toward for togetherness, everlasting.

Do not be shy.... listen to the sound of whispering  song  thru the cold wind, blowing to our faces and mixed with the warms of our steaming breath.

Do not be shy.... follow what your inspiration tell you what to to me, stare at me, glance at one could listen your heart beat.......keep smiling and relax, everything will be fine.

Beloved, it is the moment of the truth…. We meet in real……. Are u still shy ?

Syafuan Gani
Mid December 2012
Doha, Qatar


  1. hallo since i am new, let me introduce my self , iam a nurse like to read... crazy to read poetry... yes poetry and esszy about love.
    I am searching for that someone to share my thoughts, desires and feelings with and who will share hers with me. We would have an atmosphere where either one of us could talk or confide in the other without fear of reprisal. You would be the person who, when we wake up in the morning, we would have to decide whether to get up or just stay in bed together all morning. Having coffee in the morning together would be a habit. You should have a good sense of humor who loves to laugh.
    you know my email so why dont drop a mail for me and lets see what happen lol

  2. Salut, je viens de découvrir votre blogueur très agréable et je suis curieux de vous. Je tiens à profiter de la lecture d'un essai de belle et de la poésie et que vous souhaitez discuter de poésie et d'expérimenter.
    Je suis un étudiant de la littérature anglaise et je suis sans prétention et naturel, je suis très souvent d'humeur joyeuse et voir les choses toujours positivement ... très ouverte et aimante à la rencontre de l'Autre, Bourse et j'aime longues discussions avec des amis serez en tête à tête .... Je suis quelqu'un qui dit avec sincérité et franchise toutes

    s'il vous plaît contactez-moi, avez-vous

  3. another lovely essay .... but only for the same girl hmmmmmmm
    is in love...... but is the girl in love too /
    good difficult to answer ..... she only could answer from her heart

    any way.... if something happened as not as expected., ..... you know my email .... send me ..... then i will be yours.......I promise i will do better then her....