Monday, June 8, 2015

I would search you

Far away , in other world.  my love
I would search you
Wandering to darkness of  virgin forest
With a patch of wildflowers
Thousands miles faraway
Strolling to the waves of  desert
Thousands miles to horizon line
Roaming under dark clouds
Bathing a torrential rain
Certainly I would  find you there

I would search you
Flying to blue sky , faraway
To the sky where there is no forest
Nor rocks to hide
Looking  on Hidden places within the clouds
Hidden by the colorful clouds.
Thousands miles as high as I could sky dive
Certainly I would  find you there
With bunch of wild flowers
Of our forever love

Pulling us together , forever

Syafuan Ganui
Luwuk, 8 June 2015

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